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Sensor Fittings


Bolts for DPF.jpg

Repairing and replacing of sensor fittings (bungs).

When a DPF filter is examined the bung is visually examined for cracks, breakage, and thread damage. If cracked or broken, the bung is replaced.

If thread damage is evident, the bung is examined to see if sensor threads have galled in the bung. If so, then the galled metal is removed if possible and the bung is rethreaded with the appropriate tap. If threads are damaged and no galling is present, the bung is checked for usability by attempting to screw in a new sensor. If the new sensor will not turn in, the bung is rethreaded with the appropriate tap.

All efforts are made to repair the bung before a full replacement is performed. 

Maintenance is critical in preventing DPF replacements and can be the key in saving thousands of unnecessary costs.

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